Naqshbandi Sufi Order of AustraliaAllahu Haqq

Finding Peace through the Remembrance of God

Devotional chanting is common to many religious and spiritual traditions. It produces joy and happiness in the heart. It relieves the mind of anxieties and worries, strengthening the body and the mind.

In Sufism we refer to devotional chanting as ZikrAllah meaning ‘remembrance of God’. It receives the highest priority in our endeavours for Zikr is seen as the gateway to God’s Love. Zikr induces love for God and all of His creation. For the Sufis it is the key to nearness with God.

Zikr involves Muraqaba (deep meditation) wherein we worship God as if we are actually seeing Him. This in turn opens the door of Ma’arfat (realization) of God. We begin to realise the Greatness and Majesty of God and the conscious awareness of His Omni Presence is revealed to us in a direct way.

Zikr is food for the heart and the soul. It removes the rust of worldly desires and spiritual indifference that veil our hearts from God. Zikr helps us develop humility, sincerity and certainty. To engage with Zikr is to leave the sphere of neglect for the realm of Purification, Awe, Mercy, and Love.

Zikr bestows the vision to observe His greatness in every aspect of His creation. The lights and blessings of Zikr enlighten the human heart to observe Divine Glory in all that exists, the changing of the seasons, the movement of celestial bodies, and all of the events of the world portraying different manifestations of Divine Greatness before mankind. We begin to truly observe the Creator in creation.

Zikr helps us to establish a close and permanent relationship between God’s Oceans of Mercy and Compassion and our own experience. For ‘Zikr’ also means ‘Eminence’—so remembrance of God creates the conditions for the possibility of blessings with His words and with Divine Assistance.

For without doubt in the remembrance of God do hearts find peace.

Holy Quran 13: 28

Remember Me and I shall remember you.

Holy Quran 2: 152

There is a polish for everything and the polish of the heart is the Remembrance of God.

Prophet Muhammad